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Laboratories and Displays

We are proud to be able to present our artifacts-antique science instruments and philosophical apparatus-in recreated "old fashion" functional laboratories.

Check some of our videos. We are getting better at it, as promised!

  1. Jacob Ladder and Aurora tube (discharge in air at atmospheric presure and in rarefied air)
  2. Oersted's Experiment (interaction between electric current and magnetic field)
  3. Transmssion Electron Microscope
  4. Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell
  5. lEquivalent circuit for solar cell
  6. Conversion of light into electricity mechanism
  7. Hydraulic Model for Solar Cell
  8. First solar installation
  9. The Baroscope
  10. Alchemist trick
  11. Explanation of Alchemist Trick
  • A new initiative was established in 2011: Physics Class at The Museum. Pupils from schools in the city come at the museum for a recapitulative lesson, performed with antique demonstration apparatuses and in conformity with their curriculum. Click here to see a presentation for grade 6 students videotaped in 2012.



Vacuum Technology,

Hand Operated Pumps, Vacuum gages

Vacuum laboratory

We at NSM know and love high vacuum. I personally think that advancement in vacuum technology was as important as the discovery and proliferation of printing presses.


Some of our microscopes.

Solar Energy Club

Solar Club

Nothing is more important, in my view, than to make sure your kids develop well their potentials. This takes effort and support. To become proficient in science, nothing helps more than starting early. Small projects, one after another, will build interest and, eventually, passion. You will be proud to see your kid grasping early difficult concepts and set for a good path in life.





"Charlie Trautman" Printing Press Room

Printing press room

Mr. Trautman donated his printing press paraphernalia to NSM in 2009. We are grateful for that. This shop is in its way to print in "the good, old fashion" once more.

Electrostatic Generation Laboratory

Electrostatic Machines, Electrometers, Leyden Jars

Electricity laboratory, as it used to be: static electricity generation.


Vince Frasca Radio Room

Radios, Telegraphy

Frasca Radio Room

Vince Frasca was a co-worker and a friend of mine. His passion for antique instruments was dip and contagious. Probably this is why we got-along so well. We canvassed quite a few flea markets together. In 2008 Vince died prematurely. The “Radio Room” is a homage for this noble soul.


Meteorology and Metrology Room

Barometers, Scales, Hygrometers

Meteorology and metrology laboratory

Fossils, Minerals, Gemstones


Discharge in Gases Laboratory

Most interesting for young inquiring minds. A bit dangerous, although. Watch those sparks how far they can jump. Imagine one of your hand being one of the "electrodes"


The museum will be opened in September and October 2014 by appointment only. Give Nick a call at 716 282 2975 to schedule a visit (one day notice, please). Nick will be happy to show you our treasures!

Admission is free! A $10 donation/family is suggested.





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