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Did anybody seen this air pump before?

We think we fully understood this pump, in NSM collection for years, only recently. In retrospective, it is very, very simple. It has two main components: a suction pump and an expandable reservoir. When the piston moves upward, air is sucked in from outside. When the piston moves downward, air is compressed and transferred in the expandable reservoir. Two valves, one at the bottom of the pump and one, probably, at the bottom of the reservoir assure functionality as presented in the schematic below.

In the first photo (top right), the suction pump is in prime plan with the walnut cover box at left. The cover box shows a missing part: a drawer or a pressure indicator. I think it was a drawer where some accessories were held.
The second picture shows the inflatable reservoir. It is the same type as the one presented by Chamberlain in its 1844 catalogue as "Bacchus in Vacuo"

Did somebody seen this instrument before? It could be the pump for a cuff to cut blood circulation or an air brush supply or an atomiser. What do you think?

enigmetic pump1.JPG

Enigmatic pump2.JPG


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