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Pickering 1


The name of the Ziegler Electric Company of Boston is stamped into its side. However, it has the same form, including the ornamentation on the upright brace, as the polarimeter listed in the 1916 catalogue of the L.E. Knott Apparatus Company of Boston.




The polarimeter at right "came" with a large assortment of filters, nicol prisms and polarizing crystals.

The glass plate from which the polarized light is reflected is back-painted in black; the diffusing glass is the only thing in the optical path standing up.



Kernfull circle


Kern Aarau Suisse Full -Circle Polarimeter. Made in Switzerland, serial No. 68796. Comes in it's original wood carrying box with leather/rawhide handle. It has two 4" and one 8" test cells units. Plus the attached lenses. The polarimeter is approximately 15" long. Full-circle Polarimeter used for measuring the rotation of light by optical active compounds in solution.



Two more beautiful FRANZ SCHMIDT HAENSCH saccharometer/ polarimeters

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