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dip needle

Bellow a Dip Needle Compass probably made by W. & J. George of London and Birmingham . An exactly same design is at Miami University and presented by Thomas Greenslade in his "Instruments for Natural Philosophy" web site. The Miami apparatus is signed. The W. & J George company operated until 1897.
W. S. Darley & Co. Dipping Needle with the original case.



This compass shows North and only North. I am tempted to think it was made for an Arctic explorer. The needle is very delicate and long with a jeweled pivoting cup. It has its own storage case. Under the dial, there is a large coil imbedded in white wax (probably paraffin: 1930?) that obviously was designed to dampen needles oscillations.
The dumping coil fills all the space under the jeweled needle. The picture at the right shows the needle with its carrying box.

Dip Circle by Central Scientific. Bought through Edison Gallery of Chicago. Had to sell...

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