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Niagara Young Science Olympians

An amazing resource for Western New York and Southern Ontario youth to become extremely proficient in science

• Have available all what you need to implement your own R&D project.
• Prepare yourself for a top award in your district Science Faire.
• Get involved, hands on, in science and drag in at least one of your parents or grandparents.
• Partner with one of your friends/colleagues…and drag in at least two parents.
• Pay only $ 200/year/project/family and take advantage of thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in contribution from NSM.
• Comprehend early, difficult scientific concepts and get a head start in your scientific mind development.
• Take advantage of all 15 laboratories and 5 workshops at NSM.
• Start as soon as next week.
• Work intensely and finish your project in weeks or spread your work for years.
• Work as most convenient and…safe: at your own home laboratory or at NSM. (all loaned equipment and materials has to be returned promptly if so requested by NSM)
• Tutoring and expert advice will be provided by NSM personnel. As much as required and when requested.



Young Scientist

Check some of the videos we like. If you opened this page, probably you will like them too.

Origin of life on Earth

Wagentje van Stratingh's electrical carriage

Made in 1835



Please find bellow pictures of some of the solar energy projects implemented by or for students of all ages. As the solar energy industry matures, it is more and more imperative to reach out for young talent, to educate and train in photovoltaics. This web page is an invitation to participate in our solar projects.


PV SpecialistsFour grown ups, including my sun and me spent a few days building this contraption. The "test pilots" got bored with it in less than one hour.


Solar Car

After the 1973 oil crisis, Japanese companies started manufacturing automobiles that used less oil to run. An entrepreneur from Montreal thought about something else; he took a Pinto frame, install a DC motor, six heavy lead acid batteries, a crude current limiting resistor bank and, voi-la, hire was the "Marathon" electric car. It was road worthy. However, it was built like a tank and run like a fork lift. In 1995, we clean the rust, installed a 600 Wp solar array and we had a solar car. At stop lights, when everybody else was idling, polluting, we just stay there. On a sunny day I could go to work-six miles away- and never have to recharge the batteries from an outlet. The solar panels did it. The car is now, once more rusty, behind our museum.


Solar Array team from Ecole Polytechnique

The Ecole Polytechnique team on our campus making and testing their solar array.


McMaster car

McMaster university solar car in the news. The solar modules are made by Canrom, located on the same campus with Niagara Science museum.

ETS students

An extraordinary experience; a group of seven students from Ecole de Technology Superior in Montreal, spent one week on our campus building a $ 30,000 array for their solar car.

First System

My first solar system. It was so silly.


Parts for a solar trycicle

Parts for a tricycle waiting for students to build a solar car

Roys electrical bicicle

Roy's, electric bicycle. The batteries can be much smaller and one or two solar modules like the one on the floor can keep then full.

Turabo car

Turabo "kids" with their solar car in Australia. The very expensive solar array was built by our "partner" Canrom.


Our Pledge:

I consider myself a pioneer of solar energy, a veteran in solar module development. At the twilight of my life, I still wish to contribute in any way I can to the advancement of solar industry. I feel that involving young, talented youth to start early in their life with their involvement in science projects is important. With this in mind my colleagues and I will do anything we can to support and guide any young person interested in pursuing science projects together with us.

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